19258502_sSHOULD Christians today think like people on holiday or at war? How safe is the spiritual environment around us?Do we honestly imagine that the prince of darkness will give up without putting up a fight? How we kid ourselves! In these last days, it’s necessary that we be sober, vigilant and alert in light of satanic activity. We mustn’t be gullible. Not all tongues are genuine. Not all prophecies are genuine. Not all dreams are from God. Your nostrils must “smell a rat” (or smell a devil) when there’s one! It’s ok to have a holy suspicion. It’s ok to think like a spiritual sleuth. It’s wise to be guarded like a sentry at war. Soberly evaluate every inspiration, message, revelation, prophecy or impression in the light of the Word of God and the inner witness of the Holy Spirit. 1 Peter 5:8