“Therefore I despise myself and repent in dust and ashes” (Job 42:6).

It’s remarkable that this man who was blameless, upright, feared God and shunned evil could still repent so earnestly after an encounter with the living God. Job abhorred himself and was disgusted with his own actions, attitudes and assumptions. He humbled himself to the lowest degree. His repentance was more than regret! Dear friends, do our supposedly “squeaky clean” lives exempt us from genuine remorse? Have you yet come to the place where you abhor the horrific thoughts that plague your heart of hearts? Have you yet come to the place where you loathe the pride, lust and fear in your soul? Have you gone past a casual, lighthearted, insincere regret for your errant ways? In order to experience the goodness of God on a scale we’ve never known, we must likewise loathe our innate wickedness in all honesty and humility.

Pastor Josh