“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phi 4:13).

The same principle we’ve been sharing the last few days also applies to the tasks and assignments God commissions you to do. Throughout Scripture we see that God never takes no for an answer. Moses cited his incompetence and failed. Jeremiah tried a smokescreen of youthfulness and lost. Jonah’s biased flight didn’t work either. We might as well accept in advance whatever YAHWEH calls us to do! Through Christ’s empowerment, we can do absolutely all things. This is different from a carnal self confidence. The sons of Sceva paid dearly for such presumption! These boys were overcome by evil spirits and fled the demoniac’s house defeated, naked and wounded (Ac 19:16). But when we truly rely on the Anointed One and His anointing (Christ), we certainly can do all things. We can because we’ll be tapping into His ability. And His capacity knows no limits!

Pastor Josh