“And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and FELLOWSHIP…” (Ac 2:42).

Another powerful byproduct of true revival is fellowship (koinonia). This biblical concept is deeper than just chilling together with one’s mates. It’s about being together, sharing hearts, burdens and meals as well as being in one accord (Acts 2:44-46). Koinonia involves real unity of purpose, genuine love and mutual respect among brethren (see Ps 133). Much of what passes for fellowship today just doesn’t measure up biblically! Beloved, we need the Holy Spirit to usher among us genuine koinonia. We mustn’t just pray in tongues, see visions and prophesy when we can’t stand each other’s company! This aloof, Lone Ranger type of spirituality is not Christian. Being in the same space and same spirit are essential to true fellowship. We must learn to truly connect and gel with one another in the bond of peace (Ep 4:3). People around us can’t resist the testimony of a church that is characterised by mutual love (John 13:34-35). Without that, our witness is futile. Let’s cry out for the Spirit to birth true fellowship among us at every level.

Pastor Josh