“… and many wonders and signs were done through the apostles” (Ac 2:43b).

Wonders are astonishing works of the Holy Spirit in and through believers. Signs are pointers that reveal the glory of God. Usually, genuine wonders are also signs. They attest to God’s mercy and compassion for His people (Jo. 9:3). They demonstrate the reality of God’s power by His Spirit among us (1 Cor. 2.4). I see Spirit-born surprises breaking out all over the church. No more wonder-less piety! According to our text, signs and wonders don’t have to be rare. We must frequently experience the power of God in our lives through healing, deliverance, provision, protection and revelation, to name just a few examples. May that be your portion! Of course, believers don’t follow signs and wonders; signs follow believers (Mark 16:17). This distinction is critical because of the preponderance of signs and wonders performed by false messiahs and false prophets (see Mat. 24:24). However, the presence of the phoney must not cause us to reject or neglect the genuine. As Pentecostal and charismatic believers today, let’s trust the Holy Spirit to glorify Christ in and through us.

Pastor Josh