“In this manner, therefore, pray: Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name” (Mat 6:9).

What’s in a name? Loads! Biblically, one’s name represents one’s identity, honour and reputation. It’s not just a label or title. On one hand, defaming someone can be quite costly for the reckless. Likewise, spiritually speaking, profaning the Father’s name has dire consequences. How much is our irreverent attitude to things divine costing us today? Remember that the third commandment specifically warns that such behaviour will not go unpunished (Ex 20:7). On the other hand, untold blessings accrue to those who venerate the name of the Lord. For instance, His name is a strong tower unto which the righteous can run and be safe (Pro 18:10). So when we profane our Father’s name we rob ourselves of our supernatural security system. In addition, when we don’t actively promote the honour and reverence of God’s name, we also lose out. Let’s pray that the Father’s name be truly hallowed in our personal lives, communities and nations.

Pastor Josh