“Therefore we were buried with Him through baptism into death” (Rom 6:4a).

This is one of the most powerful keys to a victorious life every Christian should muster. It revolves around appreciating the termination of the believer’s pre-salvation life. It’s great that our fallen old lives died with Christ, and it’s greater still that our old man is buried. Firstly, to bury relates to covering or concealing something from view. Thus, the public conduct of good disciples of Christ must not contradict the cessation of their old ways. Secondly, to bury is to dispose of something unwanted. It’s about doing away with something whose value has expired. It’s the opposite of trying your best to preserve something, in a museum for example. Likewise, all God’s children must voluntarily accept that their former sinful nature is done away with. We shouldn’t talk about our old weaknesses with any hint of pleasure! We must be disgusted with our wicked ways. We must not reminisce over our past sinful adventures as I see many do. We must accept by faith that our old life–all our sins, iniquity, generational curses, guilt, shame, poverty, weaknesses, burdens and diseases were crucified with Christ and buried with Him. Hallelujah!

Pastor Josh