“Your young men shall see visions” (Ac 2:17d).

A vision is a supernatural picture or appearance that produces a revelation. In the natural, young people are often regarded as rather myopic or shortsighted. Older folks are considered to be more perceptive on account of their graduation from the ‘university of life’. Their past mistakes and experiences supposedly sharpen their conception of the future. Of course we know that their past can be their downfall as they can be too nostalgic at the expense of God’s fresh moves and revelation. However, what doesn’t come naturally to young people does come supernaturally. In God’s scheme of things, Holy Spirit-filled youths are visional. They have a divine capacity to receive revelation by means of supernatural pictures. They have an inspired imagination, independent of their noviciate status and naivety. The eyes of their hearts are enlightened by the Spirit (Ep 1:18). May all our young and young at heart see authentic visions. Then we will not perish (Pro 29:18).

Pastor Josh