“Let us go on unto perfection” (Heb 6:1b).

Every disciple starts off as a rough diamond, so to speak. The least among us has tremendous worth, in spite of our rough edges. Our Lord’s goal is to transform each one of us into the finished product. His ultimate objective is to shape us into the real gem we’re supposed to be. That calls for the cutting away of the ugliness plaguing our souls (Rom 8:13). It calls for filing away our crude surfaces and polishing our inner man by the Spirit. It also calls for our cooperation. We must be willing to advance to perfection. It’s a mission we must embrace both as individuals and collectively. We must stop saying “nobody is perfect”, because God demands perfection (Mat 5:48). We must not try to lower God’s standards and expectations of us. We must ditch this defeatist narrative and faithfully embark on our journey to becoming complete and matching “the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” (Ep 4:13). Our new life narrative boldly asserts, “I am going on to perfection. I’m improving all the time”. Hallelujah!

Pastor Josh