For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’ So they began to celebrate (Lu 15:24).

Yesterday we focused on what it means to be dead and lost spiritually. Today we pay attention to the meaning of being spiritually alive and found. The father doesn’t say his son has found religion. Neither does he say the lad has reformed. Something deeper and more real than that happens to every sinner who surrenders to God’s love and grace. Firstly, to be saved means to be alive unto God. When you’re spiritually alive you’re active and alert to things divine. In general, your spiritual senses and faculties work and have potential to develop (He 5:14). In particular, your spiritual eyes can behold the wonderful truths in God’s Word (Ps 119:18). The eyes of your heart are enlightened to see what physical sight can’t (Ep 1:17). Your spiritual ears can hear your Good Shepherd’s voice (Jo 10:4). You’re aware of your spiritual environment, pitfalls and opportunities. You’re mobile and flexible. You are growing and fruitful in the Spirit. You are creative and innovative. You’re active and vibrant. May the vitality and life of Jesus be evident in your life! Secondly, to be saved means to be found. When you’re found you’ve been located. Your position is no longer indeterminate. You’ve been discovered and regained in the Kingdom. Evil spirits cannot ride roughshod over you ever again because you belong to God and the Lord is your God (He 8:10). Your gifts are known. Your significance is clear. You’re no longer anonymous. Too many “Christians” are of no fixed abode spiritually. That’s not your portion! You’re alive and well, found and swell.

Pastor Josh