“Unto the upright there arises light in the darkness” (Ps 112:4a).

So far we’ve seen THREE remarkable rewards of the righteous: uncommon joy, earthly dominance and household wealth. The fourth is equally precious: guaranteed wisdom for every challenge! The word (wisdom) of God illuminates all our steps and our entire destiny (Ps 119:105). What a promise! You and I must never be totally confused as long as our relationship with God is intact. As darkness does not overcome light, neither should confusion or ignorance prevent the breakthrough of wisdom in your life. God will always direct your steps as you let Him (Ps 37:23). The entrance of God’s words into our hearts brings light and gives understanding to the simple (Ps 119:130). Beloved, prayer should not be about presenting our requests to God without expecting a response. What sets apart mature, informed disciples from others is that deliberate expectation of a word in season to illuminate your way when you don’t know what to do. May timely wisdom arise unto you in every situation!

Pastor Josh