“And suddenly there came from heaven a sound like a mighty rushing wind” (Ac 2:2a).

The second remarkable feature of the Holy Spirit’s outpouring in the first century is the SOUND. By definition, sound originates from the vibrations that result after an object applies a force to another object. Like light, sound energy always has a source. We can readily see in our spiritual context that the Holy Spirit’s entrance in our atmosphere necessarily impacts the stuff around us. Thus the descent of the Holy Spirit not only breaks the silence of dead religion, but it also shakes and wreaks havoc upon the demonic world.

Just as the roar of the king of the jungle (lion) strikes terror in the hearts of every animal around, so does the King of Heaven to all spiritual wickedness in high places. The outpouring of the Spirit restores divine order and authority among and around us. It’s not just about our personal empowerment.

Beloved, the true descent of the Spirit of God is not some quiet, harmless event. Rather it causes a spiritual cataclysmic upheaval of principalities, powers and rulers of darkness. May our lives, families, church and communities reverberate with the sound of the Spirit today! Come Holy Spirit, come!

Pastor Josh