‘And the Spirit said to Philip, “Go over and join this chariot.”‘ (Ac 8:29).

Philip the Evangelist experienced firsthand what it means to be led by the Holy Spirit in the middle of exciting ministry. During a powerful Gospel campaign in Samaria, the Spirit orders Philip to go meet one African official travelling home along the desert road from Jerusalem to Gaza (Ac 8:26). His obedience illustrates two things. Firstly, it testifies of Philip’s sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. That he could discern the Spirit’s leading in the midst of all the awesome conversions and miracles is quite remarkable. Secondly, it testifies of Philip’s objectivity. That he could rise above the sense of euphoria, glory and success in Samaria City at such a time is nothing short of remarkable.

We too must be so spiritually sensitive and objective that we will not be swamped by the frenzied activity, emotionality or results around us to the extent of missing the Spirit’s unique leadership. Above the deafening din and babel of your assignments, shifts and chores, can you hear the voice of the Spirit’s leading? Let that be your portion!

Pastor Josh