“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Phi 4:13)

More often than we realise, we are our worst enemy! That’s the case because having been born again, we became believers in God, but we often doubt ourselves. We justify that unbelief through what may be termed pseudo-humility. We kid ourselves that our Heavenly Father is pleased when we downplay our status in Him. However, if we are to unleash the supernatural in and through us consistently, we have to change our self talk. We have to concur with God’s word about who we are and what we can do through Christ. Let’s do that for the next couple of days, shall we? Today don’t say what you can’t do. Say what you can do through Christ who enables you by His Spirit. Confess that you’ve received every spiritual gift necessary for your assignment (Ep 1:3).

Claim and proclaim every gift you’ve believed God for. By faith celebrate that signs follow you as a believer (see Mar 16:17-18).

Pastor Josh