“So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding” (Pro 2:2).

Possessing a truly receptive heart to the Word is not automatic. Our text today reveals two essential ingredients to effective reception of the Word of God.

The first, inclining one’s ear to wisdom, is a metaphor for listening attentively for wisdom. It’s about prioritising the development of a good sense of judgment, perception or discernment inspired by God’s Word. Beloved, we shouldn’t be averse or indifferent to wisdom! Rather we should actively pursue divine wisdom in every situation.

The second essential element pertains to an inspired passion for understanding. It’s about having a godly devotion to and enthusiasm for the proper comprehension, appreciation or interpretation of things, situations or events.

May your sensitivity to divine wisdom and your passion for divine understanding in your daily living grow exceptionally!

Pastor Josh