“Yes, if you cry out for discernment,
And lift up your voice for understanding” (Pro 2:3).

Beloved, people who are truly hungry and thirsty for righteousness aren’t passive about the Word. They don’t just quietly wish for divine wisdom either. They cry out for it. Crying out implies desperation. It connotes dissatisfaction with one’s current situation. It’s a call for help. It’s also an admission of one’s inability to conjure up true wisdom unaided.

Contrast this with our tendency to holler for all sorts of worthless things. Given that our tongue is our most portent weapon, misusing it is highly regrettable (see Pro 18:21). Neglecting it is also reckless, if not foolhardy. We must ardently ask for, even demand, divine wisdom by faith. Let the cry of your heart be for more discernment and understanding.

Pastor Josh