“For she said to herself, “If only I may touch His garment, I shall be made well” (Mat 9:21).

Although every true Christian possesses faith (Rom 12:3), what often lacks is an understanding of how that faith can be released for our benefit. Many lack the revelation of the point of contact principle. A point of contact is any valid practical action or method used to express the faith one already has. The focus of faith in all such cases is always on God rather than on the physical action. That is precisely how the woman in our text received her miracle. Note that our Lord commended her faith (Mat 9:22).

Interestingly, many other people in Jesus’ day understood this principle and used it for their healing (Mat 14:36). A point of contact is so simple and powerless on its own that it can easily be dismissed. That’s why Peter was astonished by Jesus’ recognition of the woman’s touch of faith (Luke 8:45-46).

May your release of faith through any other biblically valid point of contact–such as the laying on of hands, giving, singing, dancing, Holy Communion, recitation or meditation–likewise astonish your watchers, peers and foes today!

Pastor Josh