“And Jesus said, ‘Somebody hath touched me: for I perceive that virtue is gone out of me”‘ (Lu 8:46).

In our Pentecostal circles we often sing and cry out for God’s touch. Nothing wrong with that! However, have you noticed that in our text, it’s the poor woman’s touch that grabs the Lord’s attention? She so connects with the power of God by faith that Jesus detects a significant deficit of power immediately. She does not scream, beg or solicit the apostles’ help. She just utilises her point of contact. Her touch of faith demands the Lord’s attention. It also elicits the Master’s praise and instant healing.

Beloved, nothing moves God’s heart like faith in action! Giving your faith a voice through such a contact point achieves what tears and bargaining can’t. Your faith shall likewise arrest the Lord’s attention henceforth!

Pastor Josh