“And where I go you know, and the way you know” (Jo 14:4).

Our text spells out two revelations Jesus expects His disciples to have. One is knowledge of His destination (origin) and the other is knowledge of the way there. That was part of the antidote to their uncertain and troubled hearts (Jo 14:1).

However, like Thomas then, to some folks today, the concept of a celestial home sounds too abstract, other-worldly or surreal to comprehend (Jo 14:5). It seems way too far-fetched. At the same time, given all the complexities of life, and given all the alternatives in vogue, that there can be only ONE WAY to the Father’s House seems too simplistic and unreal.

To the uninformed, truth is often stranger than fiction. Nevertheless, profound truth is often very “simple”. Lies have to be propped up, embellished and polished to stand up. Lies can also be packaged to appear credible. Sadly, people are often more comfortable with fables, fairy tales and science fiction than with simple truth.

That’s why we need divine revelation to recognise the truth. This season is a perfect opportunity to truly celebrate JESUS, the Way to the Father’s House (Jo 14:6).

Pastor Josh