Revelation 3:15
I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot!

Understood in view of the previous verse, a lukewarm spirituality is nothing less than a scandal. It is a disgrace that followers of the One who is perfectly faithful, completely true, totally capable, absolutely wise and fully compassionate can have a halfhearted faith. Beloved, don’t be deceived–it’s abnormal to be a warmish Christian! It’s anomalous to be redeemed by such a matchless love, such an ultimate sacrifice, such amazing grace and yet be a mediocre disciple. It’s illogical to abide in the Vine and be fruitless, to be filled with the Holy Spirit and be powerless, to know the living Word and yet be lifeless. There’s no room for sitting on the fence. Spiritual neutrality is not an option. You are either saved or lost, positive or negative, dead or alive, faithful or faithless, praying or playing, hot or cold. Away with warm worship, tepid prayers and lifeless ministry!

Pastor Josh