Revelation 3:18c
And anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see.

We usually only think of sinners as the spiritually blind (rightly so). Alas, people of the light are also capable of spiritual blindness! No wonder Paul earnestly prays for believers’ enlightenment (Ep 1:17), just as the Lord counsels the Laodicean Christians to do in our text. Tragically, complacency can induce blindness among born again Christians. God forbid! Thankfully, our Lord counsels the lukewarm church to also buy the cure for spiritual blindness only He can provide. What is the “eye” here? It is the conscience or inner light of the mind (Ep 1:18). How about the ointment or divine eyewash the heavenly oculist supplies? It is the anointing or Spirit of wisdom and revelation (1 Jo 2:20, 27; Ep 1:17). Let us daily admit our desperate need for the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment. Will you do that today?

Pastor Josh