Revelation 4:3
The one sitting there was as beautiful as precious stones, like jasper and carnelian. All around the throne was a rainbow with clear colours like an emerald. (ERV)

One satanic strategy in vogue today involves painting a fantastic picture of this decadent world in our minds. Thus the lure of sin and temptation is made to appear high-definition and attractive. As a result, the visual appeal of the kingdom of darkness can seem irresistible. That’s why we need a fresh visualisation of the Kingdom. We should not accept a colourless spirituality. The word of God does not just replace false facts in our psyche. It also displaces the false pictures the enemy has painted in our minds. When you think of heaven, what imagery comes into your mind? Is it dreary, drab and dull? Nothing is further from the truth! Our celestial home is colourful and magnificent, beloved. Among other hues, it comprises a splendid union of crystalline brilliance, varicoloured glory and a fiery sanguine difficult to describe in prosaic terms. Let the Word of God recolour your faith-world. Hallelujah!

Pastor Josh