Revelation 4:6b
In the centre, by the throne, were four living creatures encircling the throne. These creatures were covered with eyes on the front and on the back. CEB

Some believers are easily put off by the strange imagery of the book of Revelation. It ought not to be so dear saints! How can we comprehend the deeper things of God when we are reluctant to explore unfamiliar symbols and metaphors of truth in Scripture? If we desire to transcend our finite existence, we must be willing to think outside our religious box. Such is the case with the four living beings in our text, whom we shall be considering for the next few episodes. Suffice it to say for now that it’s significant that these beings are FOUR in number. Their number signifies the four cardinal directions of the earth. Add to that the comprehensive sight (eyes) these cherubim possess and we can readily see that our whole globe is under total heavenly surveillance. There’s nothing that escapes the notice of heaven’s Throne brethren! God’s Kingdom sees everything and everyone–in fact in Him we live, move and have our being (Ac 17:28). Whatever we do in our homes, work, churches and leisure–everything is visible and manifest. That should infuse some holy fear into us and inspire uncommon faith.

Pastor Josh