Revelation 5:8b
Each having a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.

We’ve seen that the heavenly crowds respond to the Jesus’ possession of the scroll in reverential adoration and worship of God. Now we note that their worship also includes two other powerful elements.

One element is musical instruments. We know this from the Hebrew Bible as Zamar worship. Let all worship musicians be encouraged hereby. If celestial worship is the benchmark of our earthly liturgy, we have no reason to apologise for blessing the Lord’s name with harp and lute, timbrel and dance, stringed instruments and flutes… (Ps 150:3-4).

Another element is incense presented in beautiful golden vials. Incense comprised a specially blended mixture of aromatic ingredients including sweet spices, pure frankincense and salt, all done in a pure and holy manner (see Ex 30:34-36). It was presented daily on the golden altar in the holy place and on the Day of Atonement in the holy of holies. It was the symbol of prayer.

So heavenly worship blends angelic adoration and praise with the prayers of the saints–our prayers. Beloved, our prayers are compounded when they reach the Throne of Grace. By the time our Heavenly Father hears them, our prayers are more portent than when they leave our humble earthly shores. So their impact supersedes our wildest imagination (Ep 3:20). That’s why the demonic and natural world cannot resist the power of prayer.

Beloved, do you see how the angels value our prayers? Do you see how they are blended and multiplied? However, when zero prayers are multiplied a million times the result is still zero. But your fervent prayer, however small, will avail much as it is compounded in glory (Jam 5:16). Let’s give heaven something to work with today and everyday!

Pastor Josh