Psalm 110:2
The LORD shall send the rod of thy strength out of Zion: rule thou in the midst of thine enemies.

Today, as we take another breather from our exploration of the book of Revelation, let me share a word of encouragement with someone using some double-barrelled counsel.

Firstly, in the mighty name of Jesus the worthy Lamb of God, TAKE AUTHORITY over bitterness, resentment and hate; over
jealousy, envy and avarice; over
condemnation, guilt and shame; over
paranoia, nostalgia and phobia; over
criticism, blame and prejudice; over
satanic snares, wiles and weapons.

Secondly, RISE ABOVE your past mistakes, petty struggles and previous failures; above your personal background, family history and ethnic culture; above your traditions, ceilings and boxes; above your circumstances, environment and experiences; above popular opinion, cheap fame and mob psychology; above your biases, understanding and inclinations.

The difference between these two words of counsel can be understood thus. There are things that fall within your sphere of control. Such you must take authority over. There are many things we are needlessly allowing to ruin our joy, victory and impact in life. That stops today!

Then there are things we cannot directly control, but which we can rise above. We must realise that we should not be operating at the same level as losers, the mediocre and our enemies. It’s tragic when eagles try very hard to function at chicken level! Rise above the mundane, beloved and soar to greater heights in Jesus’ name. God richly bless you!

Pastor Josh