Revelation 5:12
Saying with a loud voice: “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and riches and wisdom, and strength and honour and glory and blessing!”

Today we think about what it can possibly mean for us to say God is worthy to “receive” power, riches, wisdom, honour and so forth. Surely He already possesses all such attributes! So how can He receive what He already has? In the same vein, why do we “give” glory to God? What’s going on here?

One way to understand worship is to view it in terms of acknowledgement. To acknowledge is to say that you accept or do not deny the truth or existence of something. So, when we worship God, we express our acceptance and knowledge that Jesus possesses awesome power, wisdom, riches, strength and so forth.

Of course, God perfectly knows that He has all these amazing qualities. But often the problem is our ignorance or silence regarding particular truths about God. In a sense, to neglect worship is tantamount to denying the truth about God’s goodness and power.

Compare what a difference it makes in your relationship with your friend, parent, spouse or colleague when you acknowledge something about their gifts, conduct, performance or looks. See how they blush, smile or respond. That’s the power of acknowledging!

Why do people pay vast sums of money to buy a beautiful painting? Why do so many people visit art galleries, museums and certain beauty spots? It’s the power of appreciation.

In a deeper and spiritual sense, such is the power of worship! In your relationship with Jesus, don’t be ignorant about what He has done for you. Don’t be silent about His amazing attributes. Do your best to appreciate specific dimensions of His goodness toward us.

Let the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures reveal new dimensions of Christ’s nature, status and works. Then declare your appreciation to Him. Acknowledge who He is to you and what He has done for you. He loves it when you do!

Pastor Josh