Revelation 5:13b
“Blessing and honour and glory and power be to Him who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb, forever and ever!”

Firstly, it is certainly heartbreaking but it is not accidental that the name of Jesus Christ is commonly desecrated and profaned by many in movies and in life. It’s a satanic plot to diminish, degrade and devalue the name above all names. God forbid!

It is a “clever” strategy indeed to keep the Way, the Truth and Life as obscure as possible–lest all be saved! Why is it that only the name of Jesus suffers such widespread sacrilege? Why don’t we commonly hear people swear by the name of any other “founder” of a religion? Why only Jesus?

Secondly, others stumble on the verge of their salvation because they have no problem embracing the Heavenly Father as God, but have reservations about His Son’s equal status. They respect Jesus as a great teacher, prophet, thinker and leader, but stop short of acknowledging His deity. That’s another “clever” satanic lie!

Yet heaven has no confusion about Jesus’ status, worth and identity. Neither should we! Our text today is a powerful example of the equality and unity of the Father and the Son. Here the Father and the Lamb receive exactly the same worship in the same breath. Let us likewise bless–speak well of, adore, revere, appreciate and glorify–the One who sits upon the Throne and the Lamb.

Pastor Josh