Haggai 1:6e
And he who earns wages does so to put them into a bag with holes.

The fifth consequence of neglecting God’s business is equally serious, but many do not recognise it for what it is. They don’t because they ARE gainfully employed and do HAVE an income. However, it’s not about being employed or being jobless. It’s not about having less shifts, jobs or deals as such.

Rather, it’s about what happens to the income we actually earn. Have you noticed that people with similar income levels can have vastly different achievements? One achieves much with little while the other suffers financial leakage and inflation! His or her money’s purchasing power is poor.

Beloved, the same amount of money you have can achieve loads when it’s blessed of God. Prosperity is not so much about possessing loads of cash, as it is about how much what you have can buy. Some believers buy little with much, while others buy much with little.

Remember the episode of the five loaves and two fish which served thousands with twelve baskets of leftovers too (Mat 14:17-21)? That’s what happens when Jesus blesses what we earn and whatever we have. May that be your experience henceforth! May every financial leakage in your life be plugged forthwith in Jesus’ mighty name!

Pastor Josh