Revelation 6:9b
…those who had been slain because of the word of God and because of the testimony they had borne.

What brand of Christianity must we have in order to ruffle the enemy’s feathers, beloved? I’m sure it’s not just any level of spirituality that evokes the devil’s ire. There is a certain genuineness of faith that makes a real difference.

The question is, “Does your Christianity count”? Are you doing enough to wreak havoc in the enemy’s camp?

It’s quite possible for you and I to have a religiosity that doesn’t cause the devil to lose any sleep. Such wasn’t the early church’s brand of faith! It wasn’t for two reasons.

Firstly because of their relationship with the word of God. Your reception of God’s word can make you powerful and dangerous to the kingdom of darkness. Some believers are spiritually weak, ineffective and harmless because of their negligence of God’s word. That shall not be your portion! (See 2 Tim 3:16, Ps 119:11).

Secondly, our predecessors were a real menace to the kingdom of darkness because of their testimony for Christ. They were not ashamed to be witnesses of Christ (Rom 1:16). They were bold enough to share their faith with family, friends, workmates and authorities wherever they could (Mar 16:20). They didn’t try to be “undercover Christians”. Neither should we!

Beloved, let us make our faith count. Let us be word-full, Spirit-filled and faithful witnesses of Jesus’ saving grace.

Pastor Josh