Acts 20:31
Therefore watch, and remember that for three years I did not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears.

We like to think about our role as witnesses of Christ in terms of the pleasure of sharing the love of God with all who care to hear. What we forget is our duty to WARN all our family, neighbours, classmates, friends, workmates and all who come across our path. To warn is to tell others about possible danger or trouble.

The question is, do we believe that there’s real trouble facing the unsaved when God wraps up human history? How seriously do we take the message of God’s wrath upon those who shun His redemptive plan? We forget that salvation is not a nice thing to do–it’s a matter of life and death, literally!

Many Christians today behave as though neither heaven nor hell are real! We forget that the alternative to rejecting Christ is not a lousy life but eternal damnation (John 3:16). We overlook the perishing side of the Gospel message.

Oh that we would have compassion for the lost! When is the last time you shed tears in prayer for your unsaved loved ones? How dare we talk about the weather, the economy, fashion and sport and be totally mute about what really matters!

What we need is a sense of urgency to warn everyone around us. While we may fail to WIN everyone, we must not fail to WARN everyone within our sphere of influence.

Pastor Josh