Revelation 7:17
For the Lamb in the midst of the throne will be their shepherd, and he will guide them to springs of living water, and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”

One of the most remarkable blessings of the redeemed is heaven’s memory of their earthly pain.

It’s precious that God takes the trouble to record every teardrop, heartache and headache we’ve endured in life’s journey. He could just choose to overlook all our pain and grief because we’ve arrived. He could just dismiss our anguish and strife as the necessary means to a hoot ending. But He doesn’t!

That’s the attitude of a compassionate Shepherd. That’s the heartbeat of a loving Father, the empathy of the Son of Man and the sympathy of the Comforter. He understands all we are going through right now. No pain is wasted, no sorrow is unnoticed and no sacrifice is too small. What an awesome God!

Pastor Josh