John 4:22
You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for salvation is from the Jews.

Here Jesus contrasts two types of worship. One is ignorant worship and the other is informed worship.

Beloved, it’s not good enough to soothe your conscience by means of a semblance of worship. We should not just go through the motions. Neither is it good enough for us to have a superficial awareness of our Lord and our faith.

Rather we must have a deeper knowledge of who we worship, why and how. Biblically, to know is more than having a mental idea of something or someone. Instead, knowing implies an intimate relationship and experience.

That means until we have a relationship with the Father by His Spirit through His Son, we don’t yet know God. Until we experience the love and grace of God for ourselves, we don’t know Him yet.

Will you determine to know the Lord better this year? Will you get to know the Good Shepherd’s voice and not that of a stranger (John 10:4-5)? Will you invest much time in the Word and prayer in order to acquaint yourself more with God’s heartbeat and voice?

Pastor Josh