Acts 2:17a
And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh…

This is a remarkable Promise, dear saints. Firstly, because of the TIMING in the promise. It refers to the last days. Now these lasts days are the special dispensation that started at Pentecost some two thousand years ago. We are actually living in this precious season NOW as we speak. No wonder Jesus says the hour is coming and NOW is when true worshippers would worship the Father in Spirit and truth!

Secondly, the promise is remarkable because of its MAGNITUDE. Here our faithful God promises to POUR out His Spirit upon all humans in this special season. He does not promise to sprinkle a little bit of the Spirit here and few drops of the anointing there. It’s not even showers of blessing that He promises.

Rather, it’s a downpour! There is an abundance of anointing available for every believer today. The Early Church took full advantage of this promise. So should we. We must not live as though the Holy Spirit is in short supply!

The fruit of the Spirit are not scarce, brethren. There is no shortage of gifts of the Spirit either. Neither is the power of God a perishable resource. We are not in a season of spiritual recession. So why do Christians today behave as though the love, gifts, power, grace and wisdom of God are being rationed? Why do we settle for small doses of the Spirit in these last days? Let us desire, expect and receive MORE!

Pastor Josh