Acts 2:3
They saw what seemed to be individual flames of fire alighting on each one of them.

Previously, we noted the remarkable manner of the Spirit’s distribution among the saints of the upper room. Today we note the dynamism of the anointing.

Biblically, fire is often symbolic of the powerful, purifying and protective presence of God. As it was upon the burning bush in Moses’ day, this “fire” does not consume its host (Ex 3:2).

So should it be with us today. We can host the awesome presence and power of God within us without losing our identity. We can be mightily anointed, yet remaining human. We can be powerful and still humble. We can be holy without being judgmental. May that be your portion!

Furthermore, as it was in the night for the people of God as they wandered in the wilderness, this “fire” guides and protects the saints (Ex 13:21). Beloved, none of us should be clueless as far as the will of God for our lives goes. At every critical phase in our journey, we must sense the leading of the Spirit (see Gal 8:14). Whatever challenges may come our way, the fire of the Holy Spirit protects us. Hallelujah!

Pastor Josh