1 Corinthians 12:21a
And the eye cannot say to the hand, “I have no need of you”.

There is no denying how intricately designed the eye is as the organ of sight. It is unique, special and brilliant at what it does. People the world over have studied and marvelled at the amazing design, complexity and beauty of the human eye. We have even developed gadgets that imitate the eye’s design and function.

Without this organ we wouldn’t be able to see where we are going, let alone perceive the fabulous colours and beauty all around us. We would not be able to do the myriad tasks we do all the time. Is it any wonder therefore that the eye can easily develop an attitude? I am sure the eye often wonders how other members can be so blind! It can then despise others for their “inferior” status. It can then even deny its need for others.

However, who jumps to the aid of the eye when some alien items invade its delicate space? Who washes the eye from the dirt that accumulates around it every single day? Who, but the hand also protects the eye from the glare of excessive light?

In fact, the hand is extremely complex and skilled in a totally different way. What the eye views as the hand’s blind simplicity is actually its complexity. The two organs have totally different designs and functions. They do not duplicate each other’s functions but complement one another. They rely on the other more than they can tell. So it is with us in the body of Christ!

Beloved, today let us take time to confess the sin of denying our need for certain brethren around us. Let us repent from despising those who do not see things the way we do. Let us mind our attitude.

Pastor Josh