Matthew 6:10
Your kingdom come. Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven. 
The greatest favour you can do yourself today is to earnestly and meaningfully pray the Lord’s Prayer! Don’t neglect. Don’t debate it. And don’t pray it by rote but by revelation. The Lord’s Prayer is not a politically correct (PC) statement. It’s not a nice platitude or slogan. It’s revolutionary and absolutely necessary for this and every season. 
It’s not PC to talk about another kingdom when Caesar is on the throne! Observe that Jesus’ hearers knew too well the inadequacy and hegemony of the Roman rulership. They had known the disastrous reigns of Israelite kings of yesteryear. It is against that backdrop that Jesus steps in and declares that the only worthy reign is that of the Heavenly Father. 
I’m amazed that Christians today prefer their own petty prayers when the Master gave us the Winning Formula! I’m surprised that some preachers underrate this prayer. Some relegate it to a bygone era. But I submit to you that until the full force of the reign and will of God is universally manifest on this earth, in our communities and our families, we have no right to cease this prayer!
Pastor Josh