Mark 4:35
On the same day, when evening had come, He said to them, “Let us cross over to the other side.”

What was “the same day” the Bible refers to here? It’s the day Jesus was teaching the disciples by means of parables–earthly stories with heavenly meaning. In these stories, the disciples were observers of the characters in the parables.

However, at this juncture the Lord decides to convert the disciples from spectators in other people’s narratives to becoming actors in the drama of their own life. No longer could they afford to be mere armchair critics. Now they become actors in their own life story. Now they have an opportunity to prove their worth.

They have an opportunity to prove whether or not the seed word has taken root in the soil of their hearts. How will they behave under pressure? Will they believe or fear, cave in or hold on, throw in the towel or hang in there? The same applies to us, beloved. We too are the main actors in the drama of our lives. We are under observation. We are the stars, heroes or villains in the real life movie of our lives.

Note that the decision to cross over to the other side is Jesus’. Note also that the Lord doesn’t order the disciples to cross over on their own but invites them to cross over with Him. He is in the same boat with them. The same applies to us today. Not only do we have the Master’s command, but we also have His company. We are in the same boat with Jesus!

Beloved, in the “boats” of our lives, we must not be happy to travel alone. We must only move with God. We must be sensitive to Jesus’ promptings to move to new horizons in the family, ministry, business, career and everywhere–in His company. It’s time for us to chart new waters together with Jesus, personally and corporately.

Gone are the days when Christians can live anyhow! We cannot afford to leave the Prince of Peace behind in the journey of life. We can’t afford to commence the Christian walk with Jesus and then continue and conclude on our own! In every move we make, let us check whether Jesus is in on it. In every endeavour, project, mission, trip and venture, let us move with Jesus. His presence makes all the difference, whatever may betide us!

Pastor Josh