Psalm 133:2
It is like the precious oil of consecration poured on the head,
Coming down on the beard,
Even the beard of Aaron,
Coming down upon the edge of his priestly robes consecrating the whole body. (AMP)

Previously we learned the truth about the goodness of united fellowship. Now we learn how that goodness manifests and consider one awesome benefit of this godly habit.

Dwelling together harmoniously is likened to the precious anointing that flows from the head of the High Priest (Aaron) down the edges of his priestly robe. That’s exactly how the Spirit’s anointing flows throughout the church from the leadership down to every saint when we fellowship in one accord.

Sometimes believers complain about the absence of power in the church. Often fingers are pointed at servants of God for the lack of evident supernatural power in our services. What many do not realise is that much of the paucity of manifest anointing is down to the lack of unity within the congregation.

Beloved, sometimes the problem is NOT on the pulpit, but in the pews! The conflicts, gossip and complaints among the flock sometimes are the real problem in our churches. Let us accept today that sometimes the problem is not the shepherd but the sheep, not the leader but the followers.

Of course, we are not denying the special extra responsibility Ministers of the Gospel carry on their shoulders. However, we would not be in the truth if we deny the church’s collective responsibility to walk in unity, harmony and one accord. Every member has a part to play in bringing unity in the church and is partly responsible for the presence or absence of evident anointing in the body of Christ.

Will you commit today to contribute towards the unity rather than division of the church? Will you build father Tham destroy? Will you be positive rather than negative? Will you bless rather than curse your colleagues and leaders? Let us all start an anointing revolution by collaborating for the glory of God!

Pastor Josh