Ephesians 4:3-6
Through the peace that ties you together, do your best to maintain the unity that the Spirit gives. There is one body and one Spirit. In the same way you were called to share one hope. There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is over everything, through everything, and in everything.

Observe that as true children of God, we are not called to create unity. We should not be trying to be united. We are ALREADY one. Instead, our duty is to recognise our unity and to maintain it. Therefore, living together in unity is normal Christianity. Being in conflict, estranged or divided is as unhealthy as it is abnormal.

Our spiritual unity revolves around SEVEN grounds. Firstly, we are members of one BODY. That means we are so organically connected together that any attempt to behave otherwise is a contradiction. We were designed to live in one accord!

Secondly, we have one SPIRIT. All genuine believers are indwelt by the same Holy Spirit, who makes our hearts cry out “Abba, Father” (Rom 8:15). So none of us has a different spirit or unction! Thirdly, we share one HOPE. Our joyful expectation of the Lord’s Return binds us together. Our common destiny unites us.

Fourthly, we have only one LORD. As all of us truly submit to and serve our one divine Authority, there is no way we can be divided. That means division is a result of multiple loyalties! Fifthly, we are united because we have one FAITH. As our belief system is shaped by the same Word (Rom 10:17), we cannot help but walk in unity. That’s why it is vital for every Christian to meditate on the Word of God frequently (Psalm 1:2).

Sixthly, we maintain unity of the Spirit because we have one BAPTISM. That our old sinful nature was crucified and buried with Christ and that we were raised in newness of life with Him makes it easy for us to live in unity with each other.

Seventhly, we have one GOD and Father of all, who is over everything, through everything, and in everything. So we do not just have one shared “religion” as we serve one God, but we are part of one family, as we were begotten by the same Heavenly Father. We embrace, celebrate and keep our precious unity of the Spirit!

Pastor Josh