Ezekiel 37:4 
Again He said unto me, “Prophesy upon these bones and say unto them, ‘O ye dry bones, hear the word of the Lord.’ 

Many Christians are too quiet for their own good! Others are too vocal about wrong things and silent where they should speak out. They use their tongues for idle chatter and seldom to speak life into their families, ministries, circumstances and business. We can’t afford to underuse or misuse our tongues (see Pro 18:21). Don’t waste your words, dear friend! 

We must speak, prophesy, decree and declare the life, will and wisdom of God much more than we do at present. As imitators of God, we must also create the worlds we desire by responsible declarations (see Ep 5:1, Heb 11:3). 
You will notice in our text that God is not the one who prophesied on the dry bones. He told the prophet to do so. Likewise, there are things we are waiting for God to do when He is waiting for us to speak into the situation in His name. Increase your confession consistency. Prophesy son of man!
God’s words in our mouth will cause the “dry bones” in our lives to come to life. The Spirit of God will breathe life into the desperate situations of our lives when we pray over them in obedience to the Lord. Through you God will cause the impossible to become possible, darkness to become light and negatives to become positive. Prophesy son of man!
Pastor Josh