John 17:17
Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.

Previously we reflected on the necessity of worship-in-spirit (John 4:24). But how about worship-in-truth? In the text above, our Saviour defines Truth as synonymous with the Word of God.

Therefore, if we desire to worship God in truth, we must do so according to His Word. That means our worship must be informed by and tailored to the principles in Scripture. Acceptable worship is necessarily biblical. The Bible is the only valid benchmark for spirituality.

In this day and age, when all sorts of religious experiences and options are in vogue, we must stop to check whether our piety is biblical. Regardless of a religious practice’s popularity, as long as it’s not in the Word, don’t embrace it. Some so-called Gospel music is exciting but unbiblical. Some things that pass for “worship” today are unChristian and unScriptural.

It’s high time we purified our contemporary worship brethren! Just because it says “Jesus” does not necessarily mean that it’s genuine. As much as many false prophets have gone out into the world (1Jo 4:1), so is false worship proliferating!

If our worship is emotional but unbiblical, it’s unworthy. If our praises are entertaining but conflict with the letter and spirit of Scripture, they are irrelevant. May our generation of saints, worshippers and worship ministers be more discerning. Let us settle for nothing less that truthful worship!

Pastor Josh