Acts 8:29 
Then the Spirit said unto Philip, Go near, and join thyself to this chariot.
There is ample New Testament evidence that early church ministers understood the personal nature of the Spirit of truth. To them He was not some impersonal force, but a living, reliable, speaking Advocate. Philip’s experience here illustrates the kind of sensitivity to the Spirit’s guidance which is possible for present-day ministers of every rank. 
Observe that Philip had supernatural guidance in every phase of his ministry. When it was time for a new assignment, an angel of the Lord directed Philip to a specific place (road to Gaza). There he met the Ethiopian Government’s Minister of Finance, who happened to be spiritually ripe for the Gospel but had nobody to help him. What a strategic opportunity! For through this high ranking convert’s influence, the Gospel reached Africa right from the rise of the Christian movement. 
Beloved, sensitivity to the voice of the Spirit of Truth will connect us to souls who are ready for harvest into Christ’s kingdom. The Holy Spirit’s guidance makes ministry smart, efficient and fruitful. We won’t waste time and effort in futile ministry. 
Dear friend, how many excellent sermons have we preached in vain today? How many spiritual bullets have we wasted in pointless battles? How much fruitless investment have we committed to unprofitable ministry? How many awesome opportunities have we missed because of our spiritual insensitivity? Let the Holy Spirit change that today! It’s time for smart ministry. That’s only possible when we hearken to the voice of the Paraclete as a way of life. Will you do that?
Pastor Josh