Acts 10:19 
While Peter thought on the vision, the Spirit said unto him, Behold, three men seek thee.
Beloved, authentic ministry is not guesswork! The Lord of the Harvest Himself is personally involved. He is busy connecting sinners with winners. The Spirit knows which hearts are ripe for the Gospel and which vessels are ready to lead hungry souls to Christ. He manages the timing perfectly. He matches seekers and harvesters exactly. The Holy Spirit often schedules divine appointments for the saints.
In this case, we see a combination of channels the Spirit of Truth uses to communicate with Peter. The first is a vivid VISION. The second is a clear WORD (message). This is instructive, brethren. When you receive a genuine vision from the Lord, expect a related word. Many people go wrong because they don’t wait to receive the word that interprets the vision. They just rush ahead and interpret the vision in the flesh. That can have disastrous outcomes! 
Let us not settle for a spiritual life devoid of the Spirit’s voice. Reject a deaf spirituality. Trust the Holy Spirit to show you awesome things God has in store for you and to interpret them for you. Will you be open to genuine dreams and visions as well as to genuine words of knowledge and words of wisdom? Let the Paraclete link you with your divine appointment.
Pastor Josh