James 1:22
But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

The flock of Christ comprises a variety of parishioners. Let’s reflect on five types of them with a view to choose the wisest option. Firstly, PERCEIVERS are very good hearers. They readily understand any message delivered by any minister of the Word. Sadly, many perceivers do not go beyond this level. The Bible here says being good listeners only leads to self deception. Saints beware!
Secondly, PROFESSORS are very vocal parishioners. They speak a lot. They are very good at “decreeing and declaring” their noble intentions. They don’t hesitate to confess the Word of God. Sadly, Jesus says that mere professors of His Lordship without accompanying obedience have no part in the kingdom of God (Matthew 7:21).
Then there are PERFORMERS. These parishioners know how to go through the right church motions. They know when to say amen, when to bow and when to raise their hands in worship. They are quite clued up as far as church protocols go. Sadly, often their hearts are not in it. The Bible calls that hypocrisy. And the hottest seats in hell are reserved for such!
Of course, performers are vastly different from PRACTITIONERS, which are true doers of the Word. These hear, understand, believe and act on the truth they receive. God loves and blesses this kind of believer. In fact it is these Word practitioners that also become POSSESSORS of the promises (see Hebrews 6:12). Such is God’s will for you and I, beloveds. He wants us to be partakers of the divine nature and inheritors of His abundant blessings. He wants us to practice (do) His will. What will you do?
Pastor Josh