What the wicked dreads will come to him, but what the righteous desire will be given to them. Proverbs 10:24 (CSB)
Beloveds, there are universal laws that work for everyone, whether saved or not. Remember the Bible teaches that God causes rain to fall on all people, be they righteous or sinners? So we must not think being Christians exempts us from certain realities. That’s why you find some sinners succeeding on earth while some good saints struggle too much. Often believers quickly conclude that the devil is on their case and they are under satanic persecution. Dear friends, sometimes we struggle simply due to our ignorance of certain universal principles God has set in motion for everyone!
One such principle is the principle of DESIRE. The role of desire in the life of the believer is covered extensively in the Scriptures. Today’s verse is only one example among numerous others. Observe that it implies that whatever emotions dominate our hearts will manifest in our lives. As far as the righteous are concerned, even we do not receive what we wish or long for. We only receive what we DESIRE for.
How much do you desire the presence of God? How much do you desire your life to change? How much do you desire others around you to be saved? How much do you desire our church to grow and bless our community? How much do you desire to maximise your potential as a witness for Christ?
Let us move from mere wishes to a burning desire to change, grow, prosper, improve, win souls and make a difference. Let us no longer be casual about our walk with Christ. Let us develop a holy obsession for the things of God and for godly success. For desire determines destiny. Desire is the starting point of all achievement. God bless you!
Pastor Josh