Their delight is in Adonai’s Torah. Psalm 1:2a CJB
The fourth Psalmic Key to Success in life is to ENJOY THE WORD OF GOD. Observe that it’s not enough to just shun ungodly advice. It’s not good enough for you to know how to reject the lies of the enemy. While saying NO to bad ideas is noble, we must also learn to say YES to truth. After rejecting falsehoods, we must embrace Truth.
When you shun the wrong and don’t embrace the right, you leave a dangerous vacuum in your life, which the devil will happily fill. If you reject satanic advice and don’t receive divine counsel, you’ll leave a dangerous void in your heart and mind. Saints beware!
Moreover, the call here is not for some polite acknowledgement of the Torah of God. Our relationship with God’s word is not meant to be casual. It’s not a matter of tolerating the Scriptures. Rather it’s a matter of truly celebrating the wisdom of God. It’s about being hungry and thirsty for divine guidance.
It is only those who are passionate for God’s word who will prosper His way. When we are dispassionate about the revelation of God in any medium-written, watched, spoken or in song-we deny ourselves good success. I beseech you beloveds by the mercies of God to recover your zeal for the word of God.
Delight yourself in the Law of God afresh. Enjoy divine wisdom rather than just enduring it. Find pleasure and fulfilment in God’s wisdom. Desire it more than your necessary food. Cherish the truth of God more than your earthly fun, your employment, career advancement, upward mobility, popularity, educational ambitions, other personal goals, secular entertainment or social engagement. The temporal and eternal rewards are worth their weight in gold!
Pastor Josh