Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God… Ephesians 1:1a
We all have ambitions and aspirations. We all have great expectations, desires and dreams. Every human being I know would love to rise to the top and to succeed in life. And there is nothing wrong with that per se. For God created each one of us in His image with immense potential and an innate sense of purpose.
However, it is quite possible for us to end up chasing elusive dreams. We are all liable to all sorts of influences-human and satanic. It is quite possible for your true purpose to be corrupted, warped or distorted. You can easily end up pursuing goals and dreams that have nothing to do with God’s perfect will for your life. The only outcome then would be a sense of emptiness, vanity and frustration (as King Solomon experienced, see Ecclesiastes 1).
Dear friend, today let me ask you whether you can boldly say, like Paul, that you are fulfilling the purpose and will of God in your life? Let us humbly examine ourselves. Let us genuinely seek to realign our goals, ambitions, aspirations, dreams and visions with the perfect will of God. For only then are we assured of authentic fulfilment and heavenly rewards.
Pastor Josh