And David said, “What have I done now? Is there not a cause?” 1 Samuel 17:29


David’s response to his brother is doubly impressive. Firstly, as noted previously, it speaks of his ability to rise above his brother’s bias and unfair treatment. Secondly, what David does NOT do is also quite instructive.

Since his brother had reacted quite angrily to David’s enquiry, the younger brother could have easily responded in kind. He could also have answered back with much indignation and even self-pity, as most of us tend to do when we feel that we are unjustly treated. In other words, David’s first victory was over his own emotions.

My dear friend, if you can hold your horses when you’re under attack, you’re strong indeed. If you can respond with a soft answer under provocation, you have mastery over your soul. If you can bridle your tongue when you’re pushed against the wall, you’re wiser than the best. If you can keep a cool head under pressure, you’re destined for greatness.

I wonder what mentality enabled David to adopt such a high moral ground? Well, the Bible does not leave that to our guesswork. The answer is found in one word- CAUSE. David’s awareness of the greatness of the CAUSE that had gripped his heart outweighed the irritation of his brother’s treatment. I think that’s a powerful principle. Stop and think about it.

In the same way, your awareness of your WHY will make everything else pale into insignificance. Knowing your cause clarifies your course. You will refuse to be sidetracked by trivial matters. You’ll avoid petty squabbles. Once you’re clear about the reason why you are here, all these silly temptations that bother other people will be totally inconsequential to you. I pray that you’ll become increasingly aware of your God-appointed cause today and always. That’s my desire too.

Pastor Josh