And Saul said to David, “You are not able to go against this Philistine to fight with him; for you are a youth, and he a man of war from his youth.” 1 Samuel 17:33


“YOU ARE NOT ABLE…”. How presumptuous! How belittling! How dismissive! How arrogant! Admittedly, from a natural standpoint, Saul is probably justified to think that David is simply incapable of fighting with the giant because the lad is an inexperienced youth as opposed to the vastly experienced veteran warrior Goliath. Yet how wrong the king was!

You see, Saul’s assessment was only to the best of his knowledge, if not to the best of his ignorance! Saul had no clue about David’s story-of his private victories that set him up for his public victory. Being the king did not automatically grant him omniscience.

I know of many people whom “experts” have dismissed as having no future but have lived to prove otherwise. The reason is that your potential does not depend on the opinions of your peers, friends, frenemies or leaders. Only God knows your true potential. Only God knows your story. And everyone made in the image of God has infinite worth and untold potential.

That is what keeps me going as a Pastor. I believe everyone of the Lord’s flock that I lead has vast potential, waiting to be harnessed, nurtured and unleashed. Each saint is a solution to some problem in the family, community, nation or world. There are giants each child of God is anointed to slay. With all my heart I believe that such is part of the great work of the Holy Spirit in every believer’s life. He comes to fill, empower and release the will and purpose of God in every willing heart and life.

That’s why I love inventors! They are willing to create something that has never been invented. They are quite prepared to think outside the box. They are willing to believe that their imagination can become reality, even in the absence of historical support. Such is the difference between historians and history makers. Historians study the past. History makers create the future.

Like David, reject the lies of the enemy about your destiny, potential and vision. Don’t let anyone define you. Don’t let anyone limit you. Don’t conform to the belittlement of your foes or friends. With God on your side, you can accomplish what nobody in your generation has ever done. You can be a groundbreaker. You can be a history maker. Do you believe?

Pastor Josh