Ephesians 5:4
Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving.
Sometimes I’ve been accused of being too diplomatic, that is, choosing my words too carefully. In fact, some of my friends have urged me in the past to “tell it like it is”. Perhaps my “accusers” are partly right, because truth can be obscured by euphemism.
On the other hand, so-called frankness can cause irreparable damage. I’ve come to understand that, no matter how godly we are, not every thought that enters our minds is pure. Sometimes the evil one plants his ideas in our heads unawares. Satanic thoughts often attack genuine believers hearts and minds. We’re all tempted by ungodly thoughts from time to time.
That why it’s crucial to have a verbal filter. For instance today’s text teaches us to use a threefold word-filter. Firstly, we must screen all FILTHY TALK, that is, dirty language from our conversation. Among other things, that means a good Christian does not swear, curse or use abusive or obscene words.
Secondly, we must screen all FOOLISH TALK from our conversations. It’s quite remarkable that the word of God warns children of God about speaking foolishly. You’d think foolishness had no room whatsoever among us. But it’s quite possible for us to find ourselves talking nonsense. You see, foolish talk means any talk that is unwise. It may not be obviously dirty, but it can be foolish.
Now the subject of foolishness is so huge that we cannot delve into it im detail in this devotional. Suffice it to say that foolish speech includes drifting from the Spirit to the flesh (Galatians 3:3), destroying one’s marriage by uncouth words (Pro 14:1), and dishonouring parents (Pro 15:20), among many other biblical examples.
Thirdly, our word-filter must screen all CRUDE JOKES. It doesn’t follow all humour and all jokes are evil. But it’s clear that certain jokes are too course for believers’ lips. Besides, if you’re always joking, you run the risk of never taking yourself seriously. So even when you pray, you don’t expect your prayers to be answered because it’s all loose talk.
Dear friends, let us learn to filter our words. Let us practice screening our talk. Let us learn to weigh our words. Let us reject all out of place words and all utterance unworthy of Kingdom ambassadors. Pastor Josh


Josh Chigorimbo